What’s Cooking, Kids? – Celebrity Chef Series

This past Monday evening I participated in the What’s Cooking, Kids? Celebrity Chef Series by providing some fall cookies for dessert along with some decorating tips.  What’s Cooking, Kids? is a unique business in East Longmeadow, MA created and owned by Jennifer Mathews.  Their aim is to provide a culinary experience for young chefs by teaching them about healthy ingredients and the fun of cooking for yourself.  They also offer classes and events for adults.  The Celebrity Chef Series is one of these events.  Chef Jonathan Reeser of The Federal in Agawam prepared four autumnal recipes which included Wild Mushroom Minestrone, “Fig Poppers”, Baked Crab “Imperial” Gratin, and Grilled Breaded Quail.  I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy his dinner and learn some tips as he demonstrated the preperation of each dish.  The food was SO DELICIOUS!  I was nervous about my demonstration so I wasn’t sure that I would be hungry but I ended up cleaning my plate.  Here’s a picture of the kitchen demonstration area at What’s Cooking, Kids?.  The facility there is really spacious and is set up very nicely for classes. 


The Baked Crab “Imperial” Gratin.  It reminded me a bit of crab cakes which I love.

Crab Gratin

The Grilled Breaded Quail.  It was served with charred asparagus, a polenta cake, and an olive harvest ragu which were very nice complements to the quail. 

Grilled Quail with Polenta Cake

I was very happy with the response to my cookies and the interest in my demonstration.  It’s not very often that I demonstrate the steps that go into decorating cookies so I was a bit nervous being in front of a crowd but everyone seemed to enjoy learning and hopefully they were able to take away some tips to use on their own holiday cookies.

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