MOO Mini Cards
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I recently purchased some blog business cards to hand out when I take pictures of people’s work that I will be posting on my blog.  I had seen an internet ad on a wedding blog for MOO mini cards and decided to check them out.  I found that they had some really fun products including mini cards, greeting cards, and postcards.  They also offer the option that in a pack of 100 cards you can customize the front of each card with a different picture which I think is really neat and something I’d never seen offered before.  I chose the mini-cards and used some of their ready made designs from the COLOURLovers collection in shades of pink and green for the front of the cards.  I am extremely happy with the quality of the cards as they are nice thick card stock with a satin finish and I love the white and pink box that the cards arrived in (I really appreciate thoughtful packaging!).  MOO also has an interesting blog full of ideas, marketing & design tips, and samples of how some clients have used their cards. 


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Updated Stationary!
Design Studio, Miscellaneous

I’ve finally had a chance to update the look of all of our paper goods and packaging.  I’ve always loved packaging (probably why I majored in marketing in college) and can never resist items that are nicely put together or have interesting packaging.  The color palette we incorporate into the designs of  pretty much everything (website, business cards, design studio, etc…) includes blush pink, sage green, dark brown, and white.  I didn’t change any of the actual paper that we use because I was already very happy with it but I did purchase rubber stamps with our logo to update everything.  Originally I just printed the logo onto letterhead or wrote out our address on envelopes.  I was able to find ink pads in the perfect shades of brown and blush to use with the new stamps.  I also changed the stamp that I use to make stickers to the leaf design that we use on our website.  Initially I was worried that the image from the stamps might not come out clearly because of the small lettering, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.  



The New Shop!
Design Studio
The new shop is officially up and running!  Here’s a few photos showing the transformation of the space which started as office but is now the Cookie Creatives shop/design studio.

Here’s the before and after view of the front of the shop which I can see when I’m sitting at my table decorating.

This is a picture of my husband Justin and my sister Amanda installing our new floor.   As you can see we previously had a purple carpet which would not have been acceptable for a commercial kitchen space.

Here’s a picture of the finished kitchen/food prep area.

The hand sink and office entrance before and after.

Here’s Justin painting the room which is our office and holds the ware washing sink.

The total renovations took about a month of work.  We did as much as we could ourselves and hired contractors for the electrical and plumbing.  I’m so glad that everything is finally in place, including passing our health inspection last week, so that I can finally get back to making cookies.