The New Shop!
Design Studio
The new shop is officially up and running!  Here’s a few photos showing the transformation of the space which started as office but is now the Cookie Creatives shop/design studio.

Here’s the before and after view of the front of the shop which I can see when I’m sitting at my table decorating.

This is a picture of my husband Justin and my sister Amanda installing our new floor.   As you can see we previously had a purple carpet which would not have been acceptable for a commercial kitchen space.

Here’s a picture of the finished kitchen/food prep area.

The hand sink and office entrance before and after.

Here’s Justin painting the room which is our office and holds the ware washing sink.

The total renovations took about a month of work.  We did as much as we could ourselves and hired contractors for the electrical and plumbing.  I’m so glad that everything is finally in place, including passing our health inspection last week, so that I can finally get back to making cookies.


2 Responses to “The New Shop!”

  1. OMG…perfectly!

  2. Everything looks so nice! Congratulations on your fabulous business. I tell everyone about you. We loved your cookies for our daughter’s wedding shower and wedding. We look forward to the cookies for her Baby Shower. Thanks again, Jennifer.

    Lorrie Hero