Vintage Seating Card Cookies
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I made these seating card cookies a few weeks ago for a sweet bride who was getting married in Pennsylvania.  Her wedding colors were ivory and black with hints of gold and an overall vintage feel.  A fun wedding detail was that her bridesmaids were wearing black dresses with pearls… definitely vintage flair!  I was excited to work with this color palette and see what I could come up with for designs.  After discussing ideas back and forth we settled on a scalloped-edge rectangle cookie with an ivory background, ivory and black flowers, black writing, and hand-painted gold dots.  I actually managed to take some in-process pictures of the cookies so that I could share the different steps leading up to the finished product!  After the cookies are baked, cooled, and the background layer of frosting has been applied and dried, the decorating begins by attaching 4 flowers to each cookie…

Next, I transferred the guest list provided by the bride to the cookies.  This is a relatively time consuming step as it’s very important to spell everything correctly.  I don’t want some poor guest to get their cookie and find that their name has been misspelled or they’re sitting at the wrong table!

The dots have to be added in ivory and dry completely before I can go back and hand-paint each one a shiny gold…

One of  4 trays of completed cookies…

I loved how the color combination worked together with the bright hint of gold in the dot border!

By making the ivory flowers a bit bigger than the black flowers, it helped to give dimension to the clusters…

The finished product.  I hope that the bride, groom, and guests both enjoyed eating them and loved the design!

Gourmet S’mores Table
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Back in July I had a chance to take a quick break from cookies to create this S’mores table for a client’s housewarming party.  It’s a fun idea that can also work perfectly as a treat for guests at summer engagement parties or rehearsal/welcome dinners…just as long as a fire pit or grill is involved!

For this set-up I made 4 different flavors of marshmallows, raspberry, lime, vanilla, and chocolate.  There were 2 different kinds of graham crackers, 3 types of chocolate, and 2 toppings.  The toasted coconut and chopped toasted pecans were delicious add-ons and stuck to the melted marshmallows perfectly!  I used simple plates and bowls for the display as well an incorporating some tin pails and wicker baskets to keep it elegant but summery and slightly rustic.

Since there were so many possible s’mores flavors I thought that it would be nice to give guests some creative ideas by attaching tags with different combinations to the end of the skewers with some paper raffia.  Some delicious flavors included Key Lime Pie – honey graham cracker with lime marshmallow, white chocolate, and dipped in toasted coconut:  Dark Chocolate Raspberry –  chocolate graham cracker with raspberry marshmallow and dark chocolate: Vanilla Nut – honey graham cracker with vanilla marshmallow and  chopped toasted pecans: and of course Traditional S’mores - honey graham cracker with milk chocolate and vanilla marshmallows.  Yum!

Another option to include s’mores in your event without the work of building a whole display or making multiple flavors is to package some homemade (or store bought) marshmallows with enough graham crackers and chocolate to make a few delicious treats per guest.  Leave them out by the grill or fire pit along with some skewers and let guests enjoy them at their leisure!

Africa Cookies
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I’ve had lots of brides lately who are taking very adventurous honeymoons!  These cookies were ordered by a friend of a bride who was throwing a bridal shower.  The bride and groom are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in October on their honeymoon so we decided to do cookies in the shape of the continent of Africa.  We incorporated the wedding colors of sea foam green and ivory into the design, alternating the colors on each cookie as well as the satin ribbons.  I didn’t have an Africa cookie cutter so I asked Justin to make one for me.  I was expecting a blob in the general shape of Africa where I would have to use the frosting to show the exact shape. However, I was very pleasantly surprised when his cutter was an exact match to the map shape!