Love Grows…
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I made these cookies back in June for a bridal shower with the theme “Love Grows”.  The client, a bridesmaid, actually knew exactly what she wanted for the design when she called, which was to combine several of my past cookie designs and use the colors for the shower, magenta, light yellow, and light pink.  We alternated the color of the monograms between the three and each cookie was finished with satin ribbon the same color as the monogram that was on it.  Each cookie had LOTS of flowers,  plus some small leaves to fill in.  I think that they were a fun and feminine take on the theme and I hope that the bride loved them!

Summer Bridal Shower
Bridal Showers, Cookies, Weddings

I thought I’d share a few pictures of the cookies from a recent bridal shower with a summer theme.  We did flip flop cookies in an ocean blue with ivory accents and ribbon.  I really liked the color combination as it was both cheerful and fitting for a “beachy” bridal shower.

Sweet “Kam” Cookies
Cookies, Weddings

I made these cute pup cookies, which have a sweet story behind them, a few weeks ago for a rehearsal dinner.  The bride, Ashley, first contacted me over a year ago wanting to surprise her groom with cookie favors in the shape of their cute Jack Russell Terrier, Kam.  The dog played a very important part in their engagement as one day when Ashley arrived home she saw Kam running around with something shiny on her collar.  It turned out to be an engagement ring!!  The couple would have liked Kam to take part their wedding ceremony, however, their venue did not allow dogs so Ashley settled on dog cookies made in her likeness as a way to pay homage to her.

There are so many opportunities to add personalization across all of the celebrations  and events which make up a wedding!  Small, thoughtful details can really help to share a couple’s personality and illustrate their love story to guests.  I’m sure that once guests at Ashley and Sean’s rehearsal dinner saw the Kam cookies with small engagement rings on their collars, it opened the conversation of how they first became engaged and the events that led up to their big day!