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I’ve been super busy with cookie orders lately and I can’t wait to start sharing pictures of everything that I’ve been working on but I need to find time to take the pictures off the camera before I can share them!  In the meantime I thought that I’d start the week off by sharing a few recent mentions from around the web…

Some of my cookies made it onto two different inspiration boards which were posted on the WeddingWire Blog (very cool)!  I love both The Blue & Cameo board and The Sourdogh, Tana, & Wood Inspiration board.  Check out the amazing wooden vases and the beautiful color combination of blue with creamy oranges…so pretty!!

An excerpt from the article I wrote for the my Kate Parker Wedding site were featured on their blog along with some cookie pictures!  I have several clients who have chosen to use place card cookies for their events this season so I’m happy to say that I will soon have some new pictures to share along with cookie seating card inspiration.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the my Kate Parker Wedding site yet it’s an amazing resource for inspiration and wedding eye candy!

My pear seating card cookies were included in the article Creative Place Card Ideas on the WeddingWire Blog.  There are some great alternatives to traditional seating cards.  I especially love the first picture of little cards with fabric circles on them that signify the matching table.  Very graphic and colorful!!

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Checkerboard Collaboration: Inspiration Boards
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A few months ago I was asked by Michelle May, one of the lead designers at Checkerboard, if I would like to collaborate on an exciting project that she was working on for Checkerboard’s new Unveiled collection.  Of course I said yes!  Below is one of the beautiful collages that is part of this project which showcases their new line of stationary and I have to say from what I’ve seen the invitations are completely beautiful and very detailed!  It’s probably best if I let Michelle tell a bit about the new collection…

“About the collection: Unveiled is a new Checkerboard wedding invitation album releasing this week at the New York Stationery Show. The immediate look of the book is so different, as it uses inspiration boards and beautiful imagery to set the tone for each ensemble. With images courtesy of Michele M. Waite Photography, Dom Miguel Photography, Cookie Creatives, Something Sweet by Michelle, and Sprout, beautiful collage boards make each suite come to life and create visual excitement, as each step of your wedding planning should be! The colorful collages of cool locations, wedding cakes, decorative cookies, and photojournalistic images were designed and inspired to capture the excitement and inspiration for each design by the artist.  Each invitation suite may tell a story of your wedding; the planning, the gatherings, the parties, up to and through the main event of the wedding ceremony and reception. The common invitation text is taken to a new level with your excitement and personal connection to your guests in mind.”

And here’s a bit from the press release for the NY Stationary Show: 

“Unveiled elevates the act of inviting through imagery and personal expression, making it a conversation between the couple and their guests. No longer are invitees mere spectators but rather they are now a part of the event just as they have been a part of the couple’s life. From stationery that tells the personal story of a couples first date, to coordinating note cards that add a distinctive and individual touch to an invitation, Unveiled welcomes your guests into the event as active participants..they may just become as excited as the bride and groom.

 Unveiled features mindful juxtapositions of colors, from subtle tone on tone to bold pops of color such as vibrant corals partnered with aqua and bright watermelon on white. Fashion forward as always, we’ve expanded our extensive collection of envelope liners to include lively patterns such as whimsical balloons and antique maps along with luxurious imported Italian designs.

 Unveiled has thought through all the little details that make a couple’s planning easier and their event more personal and unforgettable. Checkerboard invitations are sold internationally. Although this new line is not yet available to view online, you can visit your local stationer to see it in person.”

I thought that I’d start by sharing one of the beautiful boards that Michelle created.  There are lots more but I figured that it would be best to enjoy them one at a time and also to spread the inspiration out over time…

{c} Checkerboard  {Images: Bride & Tent: Michele M. Waite Photography:  Rings: Dom Miguel Photography:  Corset Cookies: Cookie Creatives}

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Celtics Cake

I was just watching the end of the Celtics playoff game and I was reminded of this cake that I helped make while working for Something Sweet by Michelle a few years ago.  It was a groom’s cake that a bride ordered to serve as a surprise at their rehearsal dinner.  I actually like the idea of having the groom’s cake be the dessert at the rehearsal dinner and then having a traditional cake at the wedding reception.  This way both cakes can be fully enjoyed and really who can complain about having cake two days in a row?  To give an idea of the size of this cake I think that it was a 16 inch round.  The logo is one very large piece made entirely of royal icing and is almost as big as the cake.  To make a royal icing piece you pipe the design onto a wax paper covered cake board then flow it in with thinned icing.  It needs to sit and completely dry which takes a few days.  When you’re ready to use it you just carefully peel the wax paper off and place on the cake.  It’s really pretty simple and I’m always excited to make these because I love working with royal icing and it’s fun to watch the design come together as you fill in the colors.       


Spring Bridal Shower Cookies
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I did an order for a bridal shower a few weeks ago that I thought I’d share.  The colors for the wedding are periwinkle blue, white, and shades of light green.  We decided to do white mini heart cookies packaged in cute striped Chinese takeout containers with a pale lime green tulle bow.  Half of the hearts had large white sugar sprinkles on them which added a bit of sparkle.  I personally like the look of tulle for the bows on the containers because they are a bit frilly and give a more feminine feel to the overall presentation.  

The shower was being thrown by the groom’s mother and she decided to do one large cake cookie as something special for the bride.  I kept the colors pale and pretty with a soft blue, yellow, white, and ivory for the flowers.  It seems my photography was a bit off that day because all of the pictures of the cake cookie came out very blurry!

This next picture is not related to the bridal shower, but it’s something that I baked last week for a client.  It’s biscotti with toasted pecans and white chocolate.  I made 10 batches which turned into 20 bags with ribbons that were being used as a gift for Teacher Appreciation Day.  I have to say that I find this biscotti VERY addictive…most likely because of the combination of sweet white chocolate and a hint of lemon!  I had lots of end pieces from the 10 batches which were gone within a day!

Some Wedding Inspiration…
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I’m really lucky that during the design process I am exposed to so many different and beautiful things which are the inspiration for the events that I’m making cookies for. It’s always fun when someone is excited about their wedding/bridal shower/party/inspiration and shares pictures with me. I was working on the final cookie design for one of my summer brides a few weeks ago and thought that I would share the inspiration behind the design for her wedding…

She is going to be wearing Reem Acra’s “Joy” as her wedding gown and loved it so much that many aspects of their event are based around the design of the dress. I had actually never seen this dress until she sent me pictures of it and could understand right away why she was using it for inspiration. There are so many unique and visually interesting things going on with the texture, color, and cut. I really love the neckline which is a variation on a sweetheart neckline. I’m not going to be sharing the cookie designs until July (after her wedding) but there was so much detail on the dress that it wasn’t hard to pull elements off to incorporate on the cookies. Hopefully I’ll also have a picture of her in the dress from her wedding to share…I know that she is going to look amazing!