Incorporating Cookies and Guest Seating Assignments
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I’ve had a lot of inquiries lately about place/escort card cookies so I thought I’d do a post with some ideas and tips for using them as part of your event.  They can be a unique way to combine your favor and guest seating all into one. 

1. A good starting point to find inspiration for the cookie design is to start with the paper goods being used in the event (invitation, programs, menu cards, etc…).  It is often not hard to find an element to pull onto the cookie whether it’s hand-painted flowers to mimic letterpress or lace, a monogram, or simple stripes.  The cookies below  used a three flower design which was prominent on all pieces of their paper suite.  We did two different cookies alternating alphabetically.  The ovals featured the flowers stenciled on while the flowers on the rectangles were hand-piped.

2. Another good place to look for inspiration is the overall theme, attire, and colors of the event.  A rustic garden wedding, a seaside affair, or a black-tie event featuring flowers & decor in shades of white…each of these events evoke different very different images and creating a design to match can really help to tie everything together. 

3.  Welcoming guests during the cocktail hour with seating card cookies can be a nice prelude of what’s to come if you are featuring a dessert table or candy buffet as part of the reception. 

4.  For the cookies pictured below the bride wanted to keep the wedding intimate feeling and decided to only use first names.  This can work well if you are having a small affair or are organizing the cookies by table number and are using a second form of seating chart so guests know which group to look in for their cookies.

5.  If you really want to have your seating cards match your paper goods then another packaging option is to attach small cookies to beautiful matching cards from your stationer.  All lined up on a table they make an eye-catching display. 

6.  It’s traditional to assign tables with seating (escort) cards by couple.  If you want to go the traditional route you can attach cards to cookies by their ribbons allowing you to use any size cookie.  With the cookies pictured below we did a heart for single guests and an identical but larger heart cookie for couples.

7.  Attaching seating cards to large or elaborate cookies can be one way give your guests a more extravagant favor than you may have been able to if you gave each guest their own favor.  Because you can now give one favor per couple you will be able to cut down on the number of favors needed.  This works well for something like the tiered cake cookie below since its size ensures that there is enough cookie to be shared by two people. 


New Eco-Friendly Packaging!
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I’m excited to announce that we now offer an Eco-friendly packaging option for our cookies!  We have always tried to reduce waste and consumption in our everyday production and operations.  Thanks to a corporate order which we did in early December I had the chance to test out some new certified biodegradable, compostable, made carbon zero, and FDA approved cello bags as well as some 100% recycled paper raffia ribbon which we will now be offering as an alternative packaging option!

Eco Friendly Packaging

Baby Shower Cookies

Back in October I made some cookies for a baby shower and never had a chance to post the pictures.  Of the 50 cookies that were needed I did half as onesies and half as baby bottles.  Below are some pictures of the onesies which were several different designs incorporating pink, purple, mint, and pale yellow.   I didn’t take any pictures of the bottles because I make them often and have a lot of pictures already, although looking back I should have as it would have made for a better blog post!

Swarovski Crystal Cake

Looking through my recent blog posts I noticed that I hadn’t shared a cake post in a while.  This past summer I had the chance to help Michelle of Something Sweet by Michelle deliver this beautiful crystal cake to Cranwell in Lenox, MA.  The cake was five white fondant covered tiers featuring a tumbling cascade of gum-paste flowers and Swarovski elements.  I believe that the cake was coconut cream with lemon curd, white chocolate mousse, and black raspberry coulis…a delicious combination!


All of the Swarovski crystals were glued in specific patterns on the ribbon used to circle each tier as well the ribbon loops in the cascade.  Notice that there are even crystals in the centers of the small flowers in the cascade.  I can only imagine how time consuming this was as each piece of ribbon was very long and such small crystals can be difficult to work with.


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1st “Inspired” Cookies Post!
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I’m so excited to announce our newest blog series “Inspired” Cookies!  I am constantly finding inspiration for cookie designs in every-day life and I thought that it would be fun to start a new blog series sharing some of the cookies created from this inspiration.  In these posts I will share pictures of my original inspriation followed by some pictures of the “Inspired” Cookies as well as commentary on the designs and their intended use.  I have been collecting pictures as I find them for well over a year and actually thought up this blog series last summer.  Unfortunately, with the renovations of our shop and fulfilling orders I didn’t have the chance to make any of the cookies until now.  January-March can be a slower time for me as far as large wedding orders, and since I have several Bridal Shows and Tastings to attend, it is the perfect time to try out new designs.  It has been so exciting to finally get some of the designs floating in my head made into real cookies!  Some cookies will be accompanied by a whole inspiration board, color palette, or theme and some will be based off of a random item I found which interested me.  So, without further ado, here’s my first “Inspired” Cookies…

Last fall I was browsing Etsy in search of a purple glass bowl for a photo shoot.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find the purple bowl, but I did come across this beautiful Terra Cotta bowl which caught my eye.  I found the colors and pattern intriguing which got me thinking about how they could be used as part of a wedding.

I decided to use a circular star-burst pattern pulling the copper/melon from the bowl as well as the turquoise and white.  A block script for the monogram kept the cookies feeling modern.  I envision crisp white linens with pops of copper and turquoise throughout the room.  These cookies would look perfect as favors at each place setting or neatly lined up on a square platter as the “something bright” in a minimalist dessert display. 

Because of the star-burst pattern and colors, I think that these cookies also have a bit of a vintage/retro feel and could work well for an eclectic or retro inspired event.  Mismatched bridesmaid dresses in shades of copper and turquoise?  Cute! 

I hope that everyone enjoyed this little glimpse into the head of a cookie designer :)   I can’t wait for next week as I plan on spending some time decorating and photographing more “Inspired” Cookies for our February post!