Last Blog Post of 2009!
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I can’t believe that it’s almost 2010!  2009 has been such a whirlwind year for me both personally and professionally.  This time last year I would never have guessed that Justin and I would be where we are today and planning the things that we are for the coming year.  I still can’t help but smile every time that I realize I actually have my own cookie shop/design studio!  It’s terrifying but so awesome at the same time.  I really want to thank everyone for your continued support as Cookie Creatives grows and evolves.  I love writing this blog because it’s so nice to be able to share some of the excitement in my life as well as my cookies and ideas.  I’m working on some new ideas for blog posts/series coming in 2010.  They include:  more contests & giveaways, a behind the scenes look at preparing for bridal shows and tastings, more real wedding pictures,  tested (and loved!) recipes, some how-to tutorials & videos on cookie techniques,  more ideas for how to incorporate cookies into your events, and my personal favorite, a once a month series & photoshoot where I will create ”Inspired Cookies” based off of inspiration boards, real weddings, or pretty much anything that I find beautiful and inspiring.  

Now for a recap of the sweets that I made for my family this Christmas.  It was so fun to have a few days to try some new recipes and techniques.  We made Vanilla Marshmallows, White Chocolate Pecan Biscotti, Cranberry Coconut Oatmeal Cookies, Vanilla Meringues, and Candied Grapefruit & Pommelo Peel.  They were all big hits with our families so they are definite “keepers” in the recipe notebook.  Here’s some pictures…






I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year!  Cheers!

2010 Letterpress Calendar
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I saw this beautiful limited edition letterpress calendar back in October on WeddingBeePro and couldn’t resist buying it for myself as an early Christmas present (I have a huge weakness for letterpress!!).  It was created by Sarah Parrott of Parrott Design Studio.  I was so happy with it that I couldn’t help taking a few pictures, although I can’t believe that it’s taken me almost 2 months to post them here!  The colors are really beautiful against the paper that they are printed on and they all complement each other so well.  Below are some of my favorite designs… 

Letterpress calendar 1

 I love the horse design because it reminds me of my mom and my sister who both ride (and absolutely love!) horses.  It’s ironic because it’s the design for the month of September which is the month of my mom’s birthday.  I love Sarah’s suggestion to cut off the calander part after the year is over and save the pictures.  I can already imagine them framed in different vintage white frames and hanging in my office.   

Letterpress calendar 2

Here’s  the link to Sarah’s Etsy Shop where she may still have a few calendars left and you can also view some of her other great products, although I think that she’s on vacation until January 4th.  I also really love her idea for Press & Post!  It’s such a unique and fun concept!


Snowflake Wedding Cookies
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As promised here are some pictures from my last wedding order of 2009 (I can’t believe the year is almost over!).  The client ordered 210 giant snowflake cookies in white with claret details.  These cookies may not look it but they are very large which meant that it took 2 days to bake the entire 210 plus extras as I could only get 12 in the oven each time.  They were also time consuming to flow (bottom thin layer of frosting) as it takes some precision to cover each arm of the snowflake without having the frosting go over the sides.  They decided to go with 2 designs alternating on the tables which I thought was nice.  I also really loved the claret on the white as you could really see the details of each design because the claret was so dark against the white background.


 Here’s one of my baking racks completely full of cookies.  I could only fit 15 cookies on each full sheet pan which meant I had 16 full sheets covered in snowflakes.  I think that this was the most pans I’ve used on a single order at once! 


 The client wanted to add tags to each cookie so we made them on beautiful stardream quartz paper which is very shimmery and looked nice with the claret ribbon and sugar on the cookies.


 Luckily Justin’s classes had just finished and he was able to come to Western MA a day early and help me with the packaging of the cookies (I’m so lucky to have his help and support!!).  I’m surprised he’s smiling in this picture as he had been tying ribbons for over 6 hours when it was taken.  Adding the tags made the packaging go much slower than usual.


More Custom Holiday Cookies
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Here’s some pictures of the custom holiday cookies that I made for my Mom to give as gifts.  Unfortunately it was very late at night when we were taking these pictures (we were extremely tired!) and they didn’t come out quite as good as expected so I’ll apologize ahead of time.  I think that the cookies look much, much better in person.  First, I made some violins and music notes to go into a gift box along with matching red and green snowflakes that my Mom gave to her violin teacher. 


 Next, I made some dalmatians wearing holiday items such as lights and Christmas booties.  I also made some cat cookies wearing Santa hats.  These cookies went into a gift box with snowflakes for my sister to give to the veterinarian that she works for.  She’s a junior year pre-vet major in college and has been interning at an animal hospital for over a year. 



Next post I’ll share some photos of our last wedding order of the year (I can’t believe that it’s almost 2010!!!).  Hopefully the wedding cookie pictures came out better than these did.

Dinner at L’Espalier
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I know that I promised to post more pictures of the holiday cookies that I’ve been working on but I just couldn’t resist sharing some photos from the amazing and delicious dinner that we had last night at L’Espalier.  Justin and I have a tradition to go out to to a nice restaurant for dinner one night before Christmas for what we call our “Annual Christmas Dinner”, which is a chance for us to relax and enjoy some time together before going home to spend time with our (large) family for Christmas.  I was thrilled when Justin suggested that we have our dinner at L’Espalier this year as I’d been hoping for a chance to eat there again!  Unfortunately I didn’t realize until we were home that I should have written down the exact names of the dishes that we enjoyed,  but I’ll try remember them as best as possible.  To start I had Assiette of Roasted Beets with warm goat cheese and Justin enjoyed the Seared Yellow-fin Tuna with hearts of palm, crepe, and grapefruit. 

First Courses

 For our main course I ordered the whole Maine lobster with roasted fingerling potatoes, chorizo, and braised kale.  The lobster was absolutely delicious and possibly the best I’ve ever had as it was sweet and perfectly complemented by the herb drawn butter which it was served with.  Justin ordered the Herbed Loin of Lamb served with brown butter gnocchi and parsnips three ways.  He loved it and I tried a nibble and also thought that it was cooked perfectly as it was very flavorful and tender. 


 Next, we were served a plate of warm cookies as a treat which I thought was so sweet!!  They were all great and I really loved the chocolate chip and coconut macaroon.  Even though we were getting really full we decided to order the cheese course because L’Espalier has an amazing selection of cheeses and we knew that we would have regretted not enjoying some.  The cheese second from left on the plate is my absolute FAVORITE cheese ever!  It’s a 5-year aged Gouda from Holland with a sweet caramel flavor and interestingly enough I was first introduced to it at L’Espalier about a year and a half ago.   Even though we didn’t manage to finish the cookies and cheese course they made a delicious breakfast this morning!

Cookies & Cheese Plate

 For dessert I ordered the Poached Chocolate Decadence and Justin had the White Chocolate with curried apples and coconut lime sorbet.  I had been looking forward to trying some of Jiho Kim’s creations for a while now as I have been reading a lot about him recently and have seen so many pictures online of his mouth-watering desserts.  I was definitely not disappointed!!  Both desserts were completely delicious and I wish that I could do them more justice by remembering more of the elements on each plate.


If you’re in the Boston area and have never tried L’Espalier I would highly recommend it for a special occasion as the ambiance is very calming, romantic, and intimate.  I can’t wait to have another reason to eat there…maybe to celebrate our birthdays in February :)