Cami Eating a Cookie

Our absolutely adorable niece Cami is visiting Western MA with her parents, Justin’s older brother Dan and his wife Leah.  They live near Seattle, WA and are currently in the process of moving to Hawaii so we don’t get to see them too often.  I thought that it might be fun to share some pictures of Cami enjoying a cookie.



Cami sitting on her Mom Leah’s lap.  She likes to eat some of the frosting off the cookie first…so cute!


The Custom Cookie Design Process

I thought that it might be fun to share our custom cookie design process and some insight into what I’m thinking as I create new designs for clients.  I met this client in March at Cranwell’s Tasting Party, which they hold annually for their brides and grooms to select their menus and also interact with preferred vendors.  She was drawn instantly to the cookie below which was a winter tree scene however it didn’t quite work for her wedding which was being held in August.  We discussed some ideas that she had and the feeling that she was going for with the overall design of the cookies.  She loved the idea of pine trees or a summer scene of the mountains which would be the backdrop for the wedding. 


 If the client is ordering a large number of cookies and I don’t have any pictures of similar cookies then I like to make samples and mail them to the client.  This is a good way to let the client see designs, compare colors, and choose a type of ribbon.  For the samples for Mara’s and Elia’s August wedding I knew that most of their guests were out of town and they really wanted something that represented summer in the Berkshires.  Sage was one of their main wedding colors so I chose that and a dark brown to complement the forest green of the pine trees.  The first sample was a literal translation of a summer version of the winter tree cookie.  For the second sample I used brush embroidery to hand paint the “forest” and chose to do a blue sky with clouds.  For the third sample I did something a bit simpler and chose a stenciled fern.  The final sample incorporated both the inscription that they had asked for and the idea of the trees.  They chose to go with the fourth sample and also decided to provide me with stickers to attach to the backs of the cookie bags thanking guests for making the trip.


 I usually start production of orders about a week before they are scheduled to be delivered or shipped.  Even though the cookies are heat sealed in cello bags and stay fresh for a very long time I like to make sure that they are as fresh as possible when they go out.  The final count for this order was 185 favors plus I like to make several extra cookies just to be safe.  These were large cookies and it took about 8.5 hours just to decorate the 2 trees on each cookie.  Writing names on cookies can also be very time consuming because it is extremely important to make each cookie look as identical as possible.  


These cookies were finished with a dark brown satin ribbon and delivered to Cranwell on the day of the wedding.  It’s actually not too often that I get to see the cookies set out for weddings as many deliveries occur the day before the wedding to venues or event planners.  Even though the tables were not completely set yet it was really fun to see how my cookies looked with the linens and flowers.  Originally the client had planned to change the background on the cookies from sage to the blue sky with clouds but then decided to stick with the sage to match the room.  She didn’t have a swatch of the table linen for me to match and said that the color of the sample would work perfectly.  I was a bit nervous when I delivered the cookies having not seen the linens so it was a relief when the cookies were a perfect match.



Orchid Cake – Newport, RI
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I thought I’d share a few pictures from a recent wedding in Newport, RI at Belle Mer.  Occasionally I help Michelle from Something Sweet by Michelle deliver cakes when they have a very busy weekend.  This was one of those occasions.   The cake was white fondant covered with a vine of cymbidium orchids cascading down the front.  The orchids are made of gumpaste then lightly shaded to look like the real thing.  I love how the top of the vine extends over the top tier of the cake.


I also took a few pictures of Belle Mer to show how the design of the cake fit into the overall feel of the wedding.  Below is a picture of the centerpieces created by Broadway Florist Designs of Newport.  They were white dendrobium orchids in tall sea blue glass vases which I’m sure looked beautiful during the reception with candle light glowing around them.


This is what guests see when they first enter Belle Mer.  It’s hard to see in the photo but this fireplace, as well as the large one in the ballroom are covered in mother-of-pearl tiles. It’s really interesting to see the different ways the white on white color scheme is used in each room.  It must be a fun space for event designers to work with because it is so modern and neutral.


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Fall Bridal Shower
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I’m not quite ready for summer to be over but I think that fall is on it’s way as clients are starting to request cookies in fall colors.  These hearts with floral embriodary and monogram wedding cakes are for a bridal shower.  I used sage, cranberry, copper, and dark brown as the fall accent colors.  I needed an additional color for one of the flowers (there are 3 on the top tier of each cake) so I chose ivory with a brown center.



Our New View – Boston Skyline

My husband and I recently moved from our apartment in Burlington, MA to an apartment on MIT’s campus in Cambridge, MA.  The new apartment is much smaller than we are used to as it’s a 300 sq/ft studio, but it’s only temporary while he is finishing his master’s degree in electrical engineering.  The new space does have one thing going for it which is an amazing view of the Boston skyline.  We are on the 8th floor and our building is located almost directly across the Charles River from Fenway Park so we can see from Fenway all the way to the financial district.

Boston Day 1

Boston View 1

At dusk the view is especially pretty as the pinks and oranges of the sun going down are reflected on all the buildings with large glass windows.  You can also see the gold dome of the state capitol building on Beacon Hill glowing.


The moon rising over the city each night is really quite amazing.  I love all the twinkling lights and different colors of the buildings.

Boston View Night