Farmer’s Museum Wedding – Part 2
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Today I’m posting the second half of Caitlin & Mike’s Farmer’s Museum Wedding, some of the sweets that went into their “Vintage Sweets Table”!  In case you missed it yesterday here’s a look at their cookie favors as well as their beautiful wedding which was featured on Style Me Pretty!  I wanted to make confections that were tasty, fit into the vintage/homemade theme, and could go into the fun “Sweets” bags we made for guests to take their treats home in.

First we made creamy vanilla caramels which were individually wrapped so that they could go into a jar for serving…

Next was pistachio nougat which was also individually wrapped…

I made three different kinds of candy bars, White Chocolate Amaretto, Milk Chocolate, and Bittersweet Orange.  Then I used some brown kraft paper as well as some twine to attach the tags and give the packaging a rustic feel.

Next were marshmallows in two flavors.  I used these as a chance to pull in some color to the overall table design. The light purple were vanilla and the light green were lime!

I made a huge batch of double chocolate caramel popcorn to go into jars for guests to take.  I love this popcorn for weddings as part of a dessert display, packaged as favors, or even just in a big bowl as a snack for guests presented with fun and colorful  sodas…it’s perfect for nibbling (not to mention very addictive!)!

Finally we also made dark and white chocolate dipped pretzel rods as well as some dark chocolate turtles.  I wanted the bags/boxes for guests to collect their treats in to have a rustic and vintage candy store feel.  We bought small white bags and I had a “SWEETS” stamp made to be stamped in periwinkle on each one.  I love using custom rubber stamps as an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add detail to paper goods.

Be sure to check out the full wedding gallery to see more details (it’s beautiful!!), and the final sweets table all set up and captured by the wonderful  Justin & Mary on Style me Pretty!

This was such a fun wedding to work on and Caitlin and Mike were a super sweet couple!  I’m very excited to say that I’ve added several recipes from this table to the collection we’re going to be making for our friends and family as gifts this holiday season!

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Farmer’s Museum Wedding – Part 1
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Now that this has been published on Style Me Pretty, I’m super excited to finally share part 1 of Caitlin and Mike’s wedding which was held at The Farmer’s Museum in NY!

Caitlin was kind enough to share her wedding inspiration board with me, which you may remember seeing earlier this year, and was aiming for a wedding full of rustic elegance with a touch of vintage throughout.  The overall design was done by Jessica of Jessica’s Country Flowers and she came up with some amazing design elements and beautiful floral arrangements to complement the venue and Caitlin’s vision! (Here’s a peek at what Jessica created)

When I saw Caitlin’s inspiration board there were so many ideas and cookie designs that came to mind.  However, after hearing more about what Jessica was planning I settled on doing 2 different cookie designs.  The first was inspired by vintage shadowboxes filled with dried flowers.

I wanted them to be elaborate and overflowing with flowers so I made a variety of different sugar flowers to go on each cookie.

I chose a creamy ivory as the background color and added leaves and ferns.

I really wanted to balance the elaborate floral cookies with something pretty and simple so I chose periwinkle circles and added a delicate border and monogram to match Caitlin and Mike’s invitation font.

I loved how the two designs worked together!  There was just something so sweet about Caitlin’s colors and the mix of  elaborate with simple … a perfect combination of rustic, elegant, and vintage!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Caitlin and Mike’s wedding…a little behind the scenes at what went into their vintage sweets display!

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Looking Back at Summer
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It’s been an incredibly busy summer, both for me personally and for Cookie Creatives!  I can’t believe that a year has gone by since I moved into our design studio and started this blog.  Things have been changing so quickly recently that it’s been hard to keep up and as a result I’ve been a bit out of touch.  I thought it would be nice to just recap and share some of the fun things we’ve been working on this summer!

Back in July I was excited to participate in a photo shoot in beautiful Portsmouth, NH with fellow my Kate Parker Wedding vendors.  On my team were Carrie of Dutch Bloemen Winkel, Sarah from Parrott Design Studio, and Doug from Douglas Levy Photography.  I can’t even tell you how much fun photo shoots are!  There is so much collaboration that goes into them and it’s an amazing feeling to be free to create something unique in that type of environment.  My team was wonderful to work with and everyone brought a different perspective to the project.  I can’t wait to share the final photos but until then here’s a little peek into one of my coolers the day of the shoot…

Another exciting event back in July was that I made my first ever TV appearance!  It was very neat to be asked to be in a segment on the new 22News program Mass Appeal, although also very nerve wracking to be on live as I’m shy and don’t like being in front of cameras!  Overall I think that everything went smoothly (except that I might have said to roll cookies a half inch thick which is clearly not right!!).  If you want to watch the video it’s here.  And this is a picture from the studio when we were getting ready to go on…

I’ve had some fun cookie orders recently as well as a few orders for confections and dessert displays.  In case you missed those posts here are a few items…

-We took a break from decorated cookies earlier this summer to make a tasty Gourmet S’mores Display for a client’s housewarming party.

-Some Modern Engagement Cookies with a unique color palette,  ivory, dark purple, and copper, were also featured on the New England Wedding Blog.

-I loved the colors and glamorous feel of these Vintage Seating Card Cookies for a Pennsylvania wedding!

-These Sweet Kam Cookies were a cute way to include someone who played an important role in the groom’s proposal but couldn’t attend the wedding :)

I’ve met so many amazing and talented vendors through my Kate Parker Wedding recently and am excited to say that we’ve begun to collaborate on projects!  I was thrilled when Mark from Mark Davidson Photography emailed me to see if I could make him some cookies for a client meeting.  He left the designs up to me so I decided to do some ocean themed cookies in his colors as well as some logo cookies.  It was wonderful to hear from him after his meeting that he had booked the client (although I’m sure that it was his stunning work and not my cookies that sealed the deal)!  I can’t get enough of the clean, bright, and real feel of his photos; they’re just SO beautiful!  Check out Mark’s blog for some of his recent work.  I especially love this Duxbury, MA Wedding!  It just has such a quintessential and elegant New England feel to it not to mention that the pictures really capture the mood!

I was also lucky to meet Elizabeth and Adrienne, the wonderful ladies behind Gracie Lou Events!  I felt a connection with them immediately and their energy and enthusiasm for what they do is contagious!  They were looking to come up with a little gift to send to new clients after they had booked so working off of their ideas I came up with a cute package of 4 cookies.  There are some pictures on their blog of the final product and I’m excited to say that the first 2 boxes will be going out to clients in a few days!

I also met Jessica of Jessica’s Country Flowers through the my Kate Parker Wedding site, although it was much earlier in the year.  We recently worked together on one of her Deserving Couple Weddings and it was a wonderful experience!  I was excited to not only contribute decorated cookies for Caitlin and Mike, but also to craft a variety of confections for a Vintage Sweets Table.  I’ve planned 2 blog posts to share some behind the scenes of what went into both projects and can’t wait to publish them up next week!

And finally, if you’re still reading, a bit of what Justin and I have been up to this summer in our very few free moments… Justin graduated in June from MIT with his masters and I’m SO proud of all his hard work!!  He inspires me on a daily basis!  Since then we’ve moved all of our belongings into a storage unit while Justin and his team get their business up and running in Boston at which point we’ll start looking for a new apartment.  It was a sad day when we left MIT’s campus as I’m really going to miss that amazing city view, although I’ve traded it for another kind of view!

We also had a chance to do some fun activities like go on Formaggio Kitchen’s Trip to the Vermont Cheesmaker’s Festival, go sailing in Newport with Justin’s parents, and also spend a few days on the Rhode Island coast with my family.  The fall is shaping up to be super hectic, but I’m really excited because I have some great cookie orders and photo shoots coming up and it’s going to be interesting to see how Justin’s business develops and to start looking for new apartments in Boston!

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Gourmet S’mores Table
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Back in July I had a chance to take a quick break from cookies to create this S’mores table for a client’s housewarming party.  It’s a fun idea that can also work perfectly as a treat for guests at summer engagement parties or rehearsal/welcome dinners…just as long as a fire pit or grill is involved!

For this set-up I made 4 different flavors of marshmallows, raspberry, lime, vanilla, and chocolate.  There were 2 different kinds of graham crackers, 3 types of chocolate, and 2 toppings.  The toasted coconut and chopped toasted pecans were delicious add-ons and stuck to the melted marshmallows perfectly!  I used simple plates and bowls for the display as well an incorporating some tin pails and wicker baskets to keep it elegant but summery and slightly rustic.

Since there were so many possible s’mores flavors I thought that it would be nice to give guests some creative ideas by attaching tags with different combinations to the end of the skewers with some paper raffia.  Some delicious flavors included Key Lime Pie – honey graham cracker with lime marshmallow, white chocolate, and dipped in toasted coconut:  Dark Chocolate Raspberry –  chocolate graham cracker with raspberry marshmallow and dark chocolate: Vanilla Nut – honey graham cracker with vanilla marshmallow and  chopped toasted pecans: and of course Traditional S’mores - honey graham cracker with milk chocolate and vanilla marshmallows.  Yum!

Another option to include s’mores in your event without the work of building a whole display or making multiple flavors is to package some homemade (or store bought) marshmallows with enough graham crackers and chocolate to make a few delicious treats per guest.  Leave them out by the grill or fire pit along with some skewers and let guests enjoy them at their leisure!