Some Home-Grown Wedding Inspiration!
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I’m so happy to share some inspiration today courtesy of one of my summer brides, Caitlin.  During the cookie design process I always ask brides that they help me to see their wedding vision so that I can come up with new cookies perfectly suited to their event.  I was thrilled when I asked this of Caitlin and received this beautiful inspiration board in response!   The overall feeling of the wedding is rustic, home-grown, and intimate.  In Caitlin’s words “Our reception will be in a large renovated barn on the grounds of the Farmers’ Museum and the feeling for the wedding seems to come out of the surroundings–the historic setting, the gardens, and the farm itself.  I used postcards of vintage flower seed packets as the save the dates and our invitations will feature a design of flowers and a little bee.”  I have been busily brainstorming designs for Caitlin & Mike’s cookies and can’t wait to see what the final cookies are going to look like as well as how they’ll fit in with the other elements of their wedding!

I look forward to posting pictures of their wedding (and their cookies) sometime this coming fall.  Thanks again Caitlin for letting me share your board!

New Eco-Friendly Packaging!
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I’m excited to announce that we now offer an Eco-friendly packaging option for our cookies!  We have always tried to reduce waste and consumption in our everyday production and operations.  Thanks to a corporate order which we did in early December I had the chance to test out some new certified biodegradable, compostable, made carbon zero, and FDA approved cello bags as well as some 100% recycled paper raffia ribbon which we will now be offering as an alternative packaging option!

Eco Friendly Packaging

1st Bridal Show of 2010 – Part 2
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This past weekend we exhibited for the first time at the Springfield Bridal Expo held at the Big E in West Springfield.  I thought I’d share my experience.  Overall, I think that the weekend was very successful and we left Sunday evening feeling positive thanks to all of the feedback we received from brides and vendors.  I really didn’t know what to expect as I’d only exhibited at small venue tasting parties in the past and I wasn’t sure what it would be like to have such a large crowd.  I felt comfortable once we got into the swing of things and found that the questions I was answering weren’t quite as specific (as at the tastings) as far as coming up with new ideas on the spot for clients.  For our table I displayed some of my favorite cookies as well as some new designs which I worked on last week.  We had also purchased a banner which I think came out quite nicely and stood out against the black and white backdrop.  I have to apologize for the pictures we took of the setup.  It seems that they ended up a bit overexposed and bright so everything looks washed out.   

One of the things that I was very nervous about was not having cookie samples to hand out to people as they went by.  Luckily, this didn’t seem to be too big of a deterrent.  I just explained that I would be happy to have people email or call me to set up private tastings at my design studio or if they were out of state I would be able to send them some cookies to try.  I think that this is actually better because we will be able to sit and discuss ideas without all the noise and crowds.  I already packaged some samples today to be shipped to a few brides out of state and have begun receiving inquiries about tastings.  It was very interesting to see if any trends emerged as far as which cookies were most popular.  The place card cookies seemed to be the winner as many people had never seen them before.  I plan on doing a post next week on the blog as well as on my Kate Parker Wedding with some tips and ideas for incorporating cookies into your guest seating arrangements.

We’re going to be exhibiting at a large expo again this coming weekend as we are attending the 25th Annual Connecticut Bridal Show.  I think that I have gained some much needed practice in talking to customers and also have some ideas for how to be more engaging thanks to the Springfield show.  Hopefully, we’ll have another positive weekend.  I really enjoy the excitement of continuing to book the upcoming wedding season and also meeting couples who I may get to know much better if they become clients.  I know that it can take a bit of time for people to contact me as their weddings may not be for over a year or more, but I’m staying positive as I’ve already seen an increase in website traffic since Saturday.  I’ll post a few pictures next week from the Connecticut show.


Last Blog Post of 2009!
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I can’t believe that it’s almost 2010!  2009 has been such a whirlwind year for me both personally and professionally.  This time last year I would never have guessed that Justin and I would be where we are today and planning the things that we are for the coming year.  I still can’t help but smile every time that I realize I actually have my own cookie shop/design studio!  It’s terrifying but so awesome at the same time.  I really want to thank everyone for your continued support as Cookie Creatives grows and evolves.  I love writing this blog because it’s so nice to be able to share some of the excitement in my life as well as my cookies and ideas.  I’m working on some new ideas for blog posts/series coming in 2010.  They include:  more contests & giveaways, a behind the scenes look at preparing for bridal shows and tastings, more real wedding pictures,  tested (and loved!) recipes, some how-to tutorials & videos on cookie techniques,  more ideas for how to incorporate cookies into your events, and my personal favorite, a once a month series & photoshoot where I will create ”Inspired Cookies” based off of inspiration boards, real weddings, or pretty much anything that I find beautiful and inspiring.  

Now for a recap of the sweets that I made for my family this Christmas.  It was so fun to have a few days to try some new recipes and techniques.  We made Vanilla Marshmallows, White Chocolate Pecan Biscotti, Cranberry Coconut Oatmeal Cookies, Vanilla Meringues, and Candied Grapefruit & Pommelo Peel.  They were all big hits with our families so they are definite “keepers” in the recipe notebook.  Here’s some pictures…






I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year!  Cheers!

Holiday Design Inspiration
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This year I am so excited to finally have my own workspace to decorate with all sorts of holiday goodness!  For some reason the line from the poem The Night Before Christmas, “while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads”, always makes me think of a beautiful boutique filled with pastel sweets and smelling of sugar.  Along this line of thought I imagine beautiful trees made of Parisian macaroons & meringues, fluffy piles of homemade marshmallows, and sparkly snowflake cookies hanging on silver branches.  Although I’m sure that my shop will not end up looking quite like the picture in my head I’m really excited to start transforming it in my spare time.  I thought I’d share some of my sweet inspiration with you…    


The store pictures are from the famous Laduree in Paris.  The macaroons and macaroon trees are from Bobbette & Belle, and the beautiful dessert displays are from Amy Atlas.  So inspiring!

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