A Quick Valentine’s Cookie Tutorial!
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I thought I’d share a quick tutorial on how to assemble one of my favorite Valentine’s Day cookie designs…the heart with floral border cookie seen below.

You’ll need…

Large Heart Cookies 3.5 to 4 inches wide, with base layer of icing in place and dry.

30-40 Drop Flowers per cookie (at least 3 colors)…here’s some help with drop flowers if you’ve never made them before.

Medium/Soft Consistency Royal Icing (to match base color icing) in a decorating bag with a large round tip.

Start by outlining one side of your heart with the icing.  You want to be slightly away from the edge so that the flowers on the outside can extend down over the cookie side in places.

I like to place the first flowers starting at the top of the heart.  You want to alternate colors as well as placement of the flowers. So, one flower will be placed towards the outside of your line, the next will be towards the inside and so on.  TIP: Not all flowers are the same shape so if one doesn’t seem to be fitting correctly just choose another with a different shape to use in it’s place.

If you are noticing that your original frosting outline is starting to dry, or you’re not quite getting the raised border look you’d like, just add some icing to the back of each flower are you place them.

Repeat the first few steps for the second side, continuing to alternate colors.  Once all the flowers are in place you can adjust your border if you need to by pressing on flowers to shift them.

If you notice any areas where there are large amounts of visible base icing or if your border looks sparse, you can very carefully break drop flowers in half (or break off single petals) and fill in as needed.  The cookies will need to dry for at least several hours before being packaged.

I hope that this tutorial was helpful!  If anyone has any questions please leave a comment and I can try to answer them :)