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I’ve been super busy with cookie orders lately and I can’t wait to start sharing pictures of everything that I’ve been working on but I need to find time to take the pictures off the camera before I can share them!  In the meantime I thought that I’d start the week off by sharing a few recent mentions from around the web…

Some of my cookies made it onto two different inspiration boards which were posted on the WeddingWire Blog (very cool)!  I love both The Blue & Cameo board and The Sourdogh, Tana, & Wood Inspiration board.  Check out the amazing wooden vases and the beautiful color combination of blue with creamy oranges…so pretty!!

An excerpt from the article I wrote for the my Kate Parker Wedding site were featured on their blog along with some cookie pictures!  I have several clients who have chosen to use place card cookies for their events this season so I’m happy to say that I will soon have some new pictures to share along with cookie seating card inspiration.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the my Kate Parker Wedding site yet it’s an amazing resource for inspiration and wedding eye candy!

My pear seating card cookies were included in the article Creative Place Card Ideas on the WeddingWire Blog.  There are some great alternatives to traditional seating cards.  I especially love the first picture of little cards with fabric circles on them that signify the matching table.  Very graphic and colorful!!

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Using Cookies to Personalize Your Dessert Course
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I have so many photos from the last few weeks that I want to share, but I haven’t had a chance to take them off my camera yet so instead I’ll share something that I worked on last February.  The cookie platter below was for a beautiful winter destination wedding in the Berkshire’s which was held at Cranwell.  The bride and groom wanted to do something fun and different for their guests to go along with the traditional wedding and groom’s cakes for dessert.  Working with their event planners, Corinthian Events of Boston, we decided to do small platters to be presented to each table when dessert was served.  I provided bags and ribbon for packaging so that any leftovers could be packaged and given to guests to take home the next morning at brunch.  The colors for the wedding were white, silver, and kelly green.  Corinthian Events actually has some professional pictures from the wedding on their website (chose the “wedding gallery” and they are the first 7 images you’ll see).  Since we did 15 platters I made them a bit different by changing the gowns on each of the bride cookies.  The one seen below is my favorite as I love how the brush embroidery looks like delicate lace! 

I also posted an article “Adding Personalization to Your Dessert Course” on the new my Kate Parker Wedding site earlier today which is about incorporating cookie platters into weddings, although it could apply to any celebration or event!

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Sweet State Cookies!
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Sorry for the lapse in blog posts.  I took a few days off last weekend and seem to have been on a bit of a mental vacation ever since!  Today I thought that I’d share an idea which I posted on the my Kate Parker Wedding website.  If you haven’t checked out the site yet there are so many great vendors, pictures, and advice.  The inspiration is endless!

Sweet State Cookies

A sweet way to greet guests…decorated cookies in the shape of the state where your wedding is with a heart over the town where the festivities are being held.  They are perfect when done in coordinating wedding colors with a personalized tag.  Your guests will appreciate finding them tucked into Welcome Baskets or used as the favors for a Welcome/Rehearsal Dinner! 

Here’s a link to the article on the my Kate Parker Wedding site: Sweet State Cookies

Incorporating Cookies and Guest Seating Assignments
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I’ve had a lot of inquiries lately about place/escort card cookies so I thought I’d do a post with some ideas and tips for using them as part of your event.  They can be a unique way to combine your favor and guest seating all into one. 

1. A good starting point to find inspiration for the cookie design is to start with the paper goods being used in the event (invitation, programs, menu cards, etc…).  It is often not hard to find an element to pull onto the cookie whether it’s hand-painted flowers to mimic letterpress or lace, a monogram, or simple stripes.  The cookies below  used a three flower design which was prominent on all pieces of their paper suite.  We did two different cookies alternating alphabetically.  The ovals featured the flowers stenciled on while the flowers on the rectangles were hand-piped.

2. Another good place to look for inspiration is the overall theme, attire, and colors of the event.  A rustic garden wedding, a seaside affair, or a black-tie event featuring flowers & decor in shades of white…each of these events evoke different very different images and creating a design to match can really help to tie everything together. 

3.  Welcoming guests during the cocktail hour with seating card cookies can be a nice prelude of what’s to come if you are featuring a dessert table or candy buffet as part of the reception. 

4.  For the cookies pictured below the bride wanted to keep the wedding intimate feeling and decided to only use first names.  This can work well if you are having a small affair or are organizing the cookies by table number and are using a second form of seating chart so guests know which group to look in for their cookies.

5.  If you really want to have your seating cards match your paper goods then another packaging option is to attach small cookies to beautiful matching cards from your stationer.  All lined up on a table they make an eye-catching display. 

6.  It’s traditional to assign tables with seating (escort) cards by couple.  If you want to go the traditional route you can attach cards to cookies by their ribbons allowing you to use any size cookie.  With the cookies pictured below we did a heart for single guests and an identical but larger heart cookie for couples.

7.  Attaching seating cards to large or elaborate cookies can be one way give your guests a more extravagant favor than you may have been able to if you gave each guest their own favor.  Because you can now give one favor per couple you will be able to cut down on the number of favors needed.  This works well for something like the tiered cake cookie below since its size ensures that there is enough cookie to be shared by two people. 


Expert Advice Articles – A Look into the myKPWedding Site
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One of the great features on the new my Kate Parker Wedding site is the Expert Advice Articles written by vendors.  This feature is nice for both couples and vendors.  I really like that it gives vendors a chance to share some of their knowledge, ideas, and experience with couples.  I imagine that for couples planning it must be helpful and informative to read some advice directly from vendors about details such as photography, flowers, event design, and stationary. 

I thought that it would be fun to share my first Expert Advice Article which I posted to the site: Welcoming Out-of-Town Guests with Milk & Cookies 

It’s always a nice idea to make your wedding guests feel welcome and appreciated.  Often, Out of Town Welcome Baskets, which are provided to guests staying in reserved hotel blocks, include some form of baked goods.  Whether it’s a special family cookie recipe home baked and packaged, or the couple’s favorite treat from a local bakery, these sweets are often more enjoyable if served with milk, coffee, or tea.  If your reserved hotel offers room service it is a thoughtful idea to ask if you can arrange to have your preferred accompaniment brought to your guests if they call and request it.  An enclosed card with the sweets telling your favorite way to enjoy them along with the number for room service and any special ordering instructions will insure that your guests feel welcome! 

I love that through these articles I have the chance to share some of my ideas and advice.  I have a few more articles I’m working on including Decorated Cookies as Guest Seating Assignments, A Quick History of Favor Giving at Weddings, Tips for DIY Edible Favors, and Tips for Incorporating Favors Into Your Overall Guest Experience.  It has been interesting to sit down and really think about what couples might be curious to know when looking for favors for their weddings.  So much of the information that I have learned over the past few years I just take for granted and assume that everyone already knows. 

If you’re engaged and haven’t signed up for the my Kate Parker Wedding site yet I highly recommended that you do as there is some great information being shared.  Even if you have already hired your vendors it’s still fun to browse all the amazing pictures for inspiration!

Tomorrow, I’ll share one last custom corporate holiday order which we did in December for Staples!