Love is Sweet
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I recently made these fun gift boxes for a client who sent them to Z100 in New York City.  One of the hosts on their morning show had just gotten engaged and my client wanted to send something fun to congratulate her.  The host loves pink, sparkles, and candy so we came up with a “Love is Sweet” theme for the gift box.  It included engagement ring cookies, hard candy cookies, 2 kinds of lollipop cookies, sugary mini heats, and my personal favorite, Hershey kiss cookies {I love these with personal messages for valentine’s day!}.   Everything was done in shades of pink and silver.

We didn’t want to leave out the rest of the morning show so we sent along a second gift box with logo and sound wave cookies.

Gourmet S’mores Table
Bridal Showers, Dessert Displays, Weddings

Back in July I had a chance to take a quick break from cookies to create this S’mores table for a client’s housewarming party.  It’s a fun idea that can also work perfectly as a treat for guests at summer engagement parties or rehearsal/welcome dinners…just as long as a fire pit or grill is involved!

For this set-up I made 4 different flavors of marshmallows, raspberry, lime, vanilla, and chocolate.  There were 2 different kinds of graham crackers, 3 types of chocolate, and 2 toppings.  The toasted coconut and chopped toasted pecans were delicious add-ons and stuck to the melted marshmallows perfectly!  I used simple plates and bowls for the display as well an incorporating some tin pails and wicker baskets to keep it elegant but summery and slightly rustic.

Since there were so many possible s’mores flavors I thought that it would be nice to give guests some creative ideas by attaching tags with different combinations to the end of the skewers with some paper raffia.  Some delicious flavors included Key Lime Pie – honey graham cracker with lime marshmallow, white chocolate, and dipped in toasted coconut:  Dark Chocolate Raspberry –  chocolate graham cracker with raspberry marshmallow and dark chocolate: Vanilla Nut – honey graham cracker with vanilla marshmallow and  chopped toasted pecans: and of course Traditional S’mores - honey graham cracker with milk chocolate and vanilla marshmallows.  Yum!

Another option to include s’mores in your event without the work of building a whole display or making multiple flavors is to package some homemade (or store bought) marshmallows with enough graham crackers and chocolate to make a few delicious treats per guest.  Leave them out by the grill or fire pit along with some skewers and let guests enjoy them at their leisure!

Africa Cookies
Bridal Showers, Cookies

I’ve had lots of brides lately who are taking very adventurous honeymoons!  These cookies were ordered by a friend of a bride who was throwing a bridal shower.  The bride and groom are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in October on their honeymoon so we decided to do cookies in the shape of the continent of Africa.  We incorporated the wedding colors of sea foam green and ivory into the design, alternating the colors on each cookie as well as the satin ribbons.  I didn’t have an Africa cookie cutter so I asked Justin to make one for me.  I was expecting a blob in the general shape of Africa where I would have to use the frosting to show the exact shape. However, I was very pleasantly surprised when his cutter was an exact match to the map shape!

Love Grows…
Bridal Showers, Cookies, Weddings

I made these cookies back in June for a bridal shower with the theme “Love Grows”.  The client, a bridesmaid, actually knew exactly what she wanted for the design when she called, which was to combine several of my past cookie designs and use the colors for the shower, magenta, light yellow, and light pink.  We alternated the color of the monograms between the three and each cookie was finished with satin ribbon the same color as the monogram that was on it.  Each cookie had LOTS of flowers,  plus some small leaves to fill in.  I think that they were a fun and feminine take on the theme and I hope that the bride loved them!

Summer Bridal Shower
Bridal Showers, Cookies, Weddings

I thought I’d share a few pictures of the cookies from a recent bridal shower with a summer theme.  We did flip flop cookies in an ocean blue with ivory accents and ribbon.  I really liked the color combination as it was both cheerful and fitting for a “beachy” bridal shower.