A Quick Trip to Vermont

A few weeks ago we took a quick trip up to Vermont during Justin’s spring break.  My parents had given us a gift certificate to The Woodstock Inn as a Christmas gift and we finally had a few days off to use it.  Unfortunately, the days we were up there it was a bit dreary, but we still had fun exploring, eating, and just relaxing.  Here’s some pictures from our trip, most of them are a bit dull because even though we brought the camera, we kept forgetting to bring it with us when we went out so I took all these pictures with my phone.

A picture of our room and the extremely comfortable bed…it was so fluffy I felt like I never wanted to get up!  I wish I could get my bed at home to be that soft and comfortable.  We also ate 2 of our meals at the Inn, both of which were delicious.  I had a crabcake sandwich at the taven one night and it was probably one of the best I’ve ever had!  The food in their main restaurant, The Red Rooster, was also very good.

Downtown Woodstock was filled with cute shops and we browsed around on our first afternoon there.  Since The Woodstock Inn is right on the town green, it was easy to walk to town and not worry about parking which was nice (something which really stresses me out about Boston).

The covered bridge in the center of town which is actually not as old as it looks, there was a steel bridge here which collapsed and was replaced with this covered bridge similar to the original that was there before the steel bridge.

We went to the Long Trail Brewery for lunch one day and also to see the brewery (they have a self-guided tour of the production facility which was interesting).

Justin and I shared the sampler which included all 5 regular beers plus the current seasonal.  They were all good, although I’m not a huge beer drinker and preferred the lighter ones over the really dark ones.   We also had some yummy nachos and I had a delicious grilled chicken salad and Justin had a cheeseburger made with Cabot VT Cheddar.

After lunch we decided to go to a sugar maple farm and see how maple syrup was made.  Unfortunately, it was 2 miles down a completely dirt road after it had been raining for a few days.  According to our GPS we were .2 miles from the farm when we encountered a HUGE muddy hole which was the entire width of the road and probably at least 10 feet across.  Since our car is low with rear-wheel drive and sport suspension we decided to turn around because there was no way that we would have made it through.  That was really disappointing since we were so close but probably the smartest choice because sitting in the woods waiting for a tow truck would not have been too much fun.

On our way back to town we decided to stop at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market to pick up some food to nibble on in the room and also because I was hoping to get some local cheese.  I was so happy when I found a wedge of Lake’s Edge goat cheese from Blue Ledge Farm.  This cheese has so many different flavors from the sweet and creamy center with the line of ash to the strong mouldy exterior…I absolutely love it!!


I was super excited that we were not staying that far from the A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe!  I’ve been a follower of their blog for a while and couldn’t wait to see their cute house and shop and also meet Laura and Dave.  Laura makes gorgeous cookies and their business is definitely an inspiration for me!  They also sell cupcakes in the bake shoppe…

…which were completely amazing!!  We bought 6, one of each of the flavors that they had available.  I’m not usually the biggest cupcake fan because I find that they can be dry but Laura’s cupcakes were anything but dry!  I loved the flavor combinations, the moist cake, and the frosting which wasn’t too sweet.  We devoured them quickly and I liked them all but I think that my favorite was the almond/coconut along with the maple cupcake.  I also appreciated how moist and rich the chocolate one was.  Yum!!  It’s a good thing that I don’t live near them because I would be eating way too many cupcakes!!

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Vacation – Rhode Island

This past week my parents rented a vacation house in Narragansett, RI and invited us down for a quick end of the summer getaway.  It was so nice to relax and spend some time with my husband, parents, brother, and sister.  We did all sorts of fun beachy activities and got to eat lots of delicious lobster and seafood.  This is the house where we stayed.


It was great to finally get a chance to work on some blog posts and organize all the cookie photos from my summer orders.  In this picture are my sister Amanda, and my brother Brett.  My other brother Andrew was unable to come down and stay for a few days because he had previous commitments.


Justin and I spent part of one one day driving around Newport and exploring some rocky beaches.  We also went claming one evening with my dad, brother and sister.  It was lots of fun wading around in the water looking for clams but I’m not sure that we were doing it right since we only found 8 clams in 2 hours.



Our rental house had a charcoal grill rather than a propane grill which is what I’m used to grilling on.  After some particularly delicious steaks grilled on the charcoal grill Justin and I are contemplating getting one.


This adorable cat was sitting at our back door meowing one morning.  I’m not sure if he belonged to the neighbors or was a stray but he was extremely friendly